Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Here's to Entry One (And I'll drink to that...)

Their is always a sense of fear when deciding to bare your soul online (Well bare anything for that matter). Any writer knows the ramifications of such efforts. Being invisible is one. The other, being despised. Thats why it’s taken me almost ten years to do this. I’ve always love to write. And put a topic of theatre, movies, music and fashion in my face and I’m all on it. But to actually put it into the world for others to judge can be intimidating. But what tha hell?! Videos about “sitting on the toilet” are getting a million hits, what do I really have to lose? 
The basics? I’m a 27 year old, grad student. An african american female (cue the sad violin), I grew up with very little money or resources. However, Adversity didn’t equal impossibility to me, so i didn’t stop when someone said I couldn’t. I share a b-day with Oprah so I actually feel a tad unproductive. A Bachelors degree? PLEASE. I’m trying to get to the, “you get a car” status, and I’m a few billion behind schedule. 
Ask me of my loves? I could quickly name music by Kings of Leon, Jeff Buckley and Tupac in the same sentence. If we are discussing fashion I will swoon over the style of Ms. Hepburn, Dandridge & Hayworth respectively. You may look at me sideways when talking movies, I will recite Pulp Fiction credits to credits, then skip to Dirty Dancing. And please don’t start me up on makeup (I will never stop!), Nars? MAC? Oh how i love thee? Let me count the ways! 
What can I say, when I love, I love hard. I’m a romantic like that. 
I plan for the blog to be a fusion of all the things above plus more. We will be a little random at times, but that’s life right? I wanted to start blogging for many reasons, and at the top of that list is accountability. I tend to procrastinate my ass off, and by feeling I’m reaching anybody that can relate, I’m not so alone in this. It won’t always be pretty, especially when I start exercising and eating healthy (please turn off the psycho theme!). But it will always be 100% me. Happy b-day AJBordeau, here’s to many more…