Friday, September 7, 2012

Embrace the rain, the sun will rise soon...

If I were to ask you, if you like to receive bad, uncomfortable news. News that completely rocks you to the core, I'm sure you would look at me like an idiot. No one likes to feel hurt, pain, confusion. Sucky feelings suck. If we could live a life of complete ignorant bliss (and some of us do), we would all be giddy robots with a dumb ass grin forever plastered on our face. But we aren't robots and we all have a myriad of emotions, some not so nice. In the words of N.E.R.D. "Sooner or later, it all comes crashing down". Nothing stays pretty forever. Be it looks, relationships, or that old chaos filled brain of ours. 

Call me crazy, but I accept those down times. In all my emo glory, I actually welcome it. We are meant to experience life in all of its weird, fu*ked up, beautiful nature. We are suppose to fall all the way down, feeling the cracked pavement of hard knocks street. Because that's how we begin to appreciate life at its core. We make it through and all of a sudden, that sun is a bit brighter. That pain is a tad easier to bear each day. And when those blessings start to roll in, you are truly thankful for them. You relish in them, because you know they won't last forever. See, even a pessimistic hermit can look on the bright side! 

So that's my challenge for us. To recognize when we are experiencing those tough times, travel through any and all waves of emotions that are placed in our path. Entertain any thought, from denial towards acceptance. And shed it all once your done. You will be surprised how lighter your heart fills when you chose to lift that boulder of your past from it...


  1. My fav post so far..keep it up sis...♥ u

  2. This post makes me think of the people that are always speaking about how strong they are mentally, emotionally and spiritually, yet, they never face (or have faced) any of the things that make them weak. Call me crazy, but I prefer to hear the bad news. Especially if it is the truth. It makes me aware of what I'm lacking and in what areas I need to grow. When I was younger, I use to think I was invincible, and it wasn't until I felt "the cracked pavement of hard knocks street" that I learned otherwise. If I had the choice to live through it all over again, I would. Because of that experience, I've learned a number of invaluable lessons about myself and life in general.